Traditional Therapy
Therapy for children, adolescents, adults, couples, or families. The traditional therapy model is a 50 minute session in which various evidence-based therapy modalities are used based on the client's needs. A treatment plan is then developed with the client to ensure that his or her goals are recognized. The therapist uses applicable skills/training to help the client achieve wellness for optimal living.

Couples Workshop
"I don't know what happened, all we do is fight!"

At A Healing Place, we hear this often, but we can lessen its frequency! The Couples Workshop teaches couples how to communicate better, review core values, and understand what type of love language exists in their relationship. This fun and interactive 7 hour workshop assists couples in building a strong foundation. Seating is limited to 5 couples. 

Therapy Dog

Healing Place offers therapy services with our therapy dog, Shenzi. Research shows that having a dog present during therapy sessions reduces anxiety which allows for more positive outcomes.

Shenzi is present on select days so please indicate if you are interested in our therapy dog services when you schedule your appointment.